hello yes i am bird and i really like birds very much i fluctuate between posting quality things and random stuff, just trying 2 keep it real.

I draw things sometimes (this is a link and you should click it)

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Zack Seckler

Absolutely beautiful images from Botswana, the colours and patterns are breath taking. It’s so easy to forget how incredible nature can be.  7

‘Being above the ground at such low elevations, and having the ability to precisely maneuver, was like gliding over an enormous painting and being able to create brushstrokes at will. As soon as I saw the landscape from above I knew there was potential to create a special body of work.’


Leratiomyces ceres (Redlead Roundhead) | ©Steve Axford

A fantastic picture of a fantastic mushroom. This is Leratiomyces ceres (Agaricales - Strophariaceae), an attractive small mushroom with a bright red to orange cap.  

The Redlead Roundhead is common in wood chips but rare in natural woodlands. They can be found in America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere [1].

This attractive mushroom has become much more common now that parks and gardens are mulched with wood chip. Despite an attractive appearance, this inedible species is likely to cause an upset stomach if it is eaten [2]. These specimens were found growing in mulch in Booyong, New South Wales, Australia.


Fluorite looks like a chunk of the night sky.


cute date ideas:

  • follow birds around
  • talk to birds
  • draw birds together
  • go to the zoo to look at the birds
  • go shopping and buy shirts with birds on them
  • birds


Peacock Spider (x)